Friday, May 22, 2009

Teddy Bear Faire!

This Memorial Day (5/23- 5/25) weekend at Please Touch Museum is going to be our Teddy Bear Faire!

I just talked to my friend Ann Goering, one of Please Touch Museum’s Music Coordinators, about all the fun things happening this weekend. Read on…

Pinky: So, what is Teddy Bear Faire?

Ann: Teddy Bear Faire is a fun-filled celebration of some of our best-loved friends: our teddy bears! There are lots of fun activities all around the museum that are “beary” fun! We will have special times where we sing bear songs, act out bear books and even go searching far and wide for a big bear!
In addition to the special program, everyone can make paw print artwork in the Program Room and even see the Bernstein Bears musical show in the Please Touch Playhouse. And keep your eyes open for Goldilocks and Papa Bear!

Pinky: Can I bring my Teddy Bear?

Ann: Yes, please bring your Teddy Bear! Sometimes our bears don’t get out much and I’m sure they would enjoy a special celebration in their honor. Plus, you can show your bear your favorite play spots around the museum!

Pinky:Thanks Ann! I’m really excited to show my Teddy Bear around. I hope to see you all there this weekend!

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