Thursday, June 25, 2009

Are we there yet?!

Summer Travels with Please Touch Museum

Where to this summer? Whether you'll be catching some rays at the Jersey shore, lounging on your back porch, taking in the sights at the Grand Canyon, or traveling abroad, Please Touch Museum's pal wants to come, too!

I recently sat down with Lesly Attarian, Vice President for External Affairs at Please Touch Museum, who told me about the museum's fun new summer program.

Pinky: What is the Summer Travels program all about?

Lesly: Our Summer Travels with Please Touch Museum program gives families a chance to share their summer adventures with us and others. Summer vacations—whether in your own backyard, or abroad—are a wonderful time for families to bond and make lasting memories, so we wanted to give them an opportunity to share their stories and pictures with us. Just like our activities in the museum, the Summer Travels activity is very open-ended and gives children the chance to create and let their imagination run wild! The activity also introduces children to the idea of geography, communication and travel.

Pinky: That sounds like so much fun! So how do you get started?

Lesly: It's easy! Simply print out, decorate and cut out your very own Please Touch pal and snap a few group photos at all of your must-see destinations. When you get home, check back to post your photos and tell us about your trip. You can find the cut-out pal on our website.

Pinky: Are there any other summer activities for families you can share with us?

Lesly: Yes! In fact, we have put together a whole array of fun family summer activities and a book list on travel that parents can access on our website. With a little creativity and planning, a trip anywhere can turn into a fun day and a great way to learn all kinds of lessons along the way. For ways to make your trip fun and exciting check out our downloadable travel play cards.

Pinky: This all sounds like a lot of fun! I can't wait to see all the interesting places people will go. I am going to decorate my Please Touch Museum pal right now!

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