Thursday, July 16, 2009

Author birthday & lots of great books!

On July 9, Please Touch Museum celebrated author Todd Parr’s Birthday! We celebrated with special readings of his books in our City Park Gazebo, and with a special activity in our Program Room called "Todd Parr's Hair Salon." based on his book This is My Hair.

Todd Parr was born in Rock Springs, Wyoming in 1962. His career began in 1998 with the publishing of his first book; he has published over thirty books since. His books are immediately recognizable for their simple drawing style and bold, striking colors. His stories help introduce children to complex emotional subjects in a fun and whimsical way. Since 2005, Parr has had his own show, "ToddWorld" on TLC and Discovery Kids. You can learn more about Todd here.

Here are some of our favorite Todd Parr books that you can read at home with your family:

This is My Hair
Todd Parr's whimsical exploration of all the different things that hair can do. It can be short or long, it can stand up, it can blow in the wind, or be tied into ponytails. This book also displays Parr's effervescent humor, as one child styles their hair with spaghetti and meatballs.

The Family Book
There are many different kinds of families and this wonderful book celebrates them all. The one thing that all families have in common, though, is the love they share.

The Okay Book
In The Okay Book, Parr reassures children that it is okay to be scared, or to be from a different place, or to wear glasses. This magnificent book is a joyous celebration of all the things that make you unique!

Otto Goes to Bed
In this book, Parr's recurring character Otto gets ready for bed. The bedtime ritual is a common experience for all families, no matter what form it takes. In Otto Goes to Bed readers can acquaint themselves with Otto's bedtime routine and even make his a part of their own.

The Feel Good Book
This book ends with a seemingly simple question: what makes you feel good? Maybe it is reading, or running, or taking a bath, or petting a dog? Or maybe it is brushing your hair with a lion?

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