Monday, July 20, 2009

Design the Dollhouse of Your Dreams!

Please Touch Museum is partnering with DesignPhiladelphia on a unique city-wide project bringing together artists, architects, children and their caregivers, designers and students. "Design the Dollhouse of Your Dreams" lets participants unleash their inner Frank Lloyd Wright or Frank Gehry by creating their own version of the ideal dollhouse!

I sat down with Lorna Kent, Senior Exhibits Designer at Please Touch Museum, who told me a little more about this exciting project.

Pinky: This sounds like a wonderfully exciting project! How does it relate to Please Touch Museum's mission of "learning through play?"

Lorna: Please Touch Museum's "learning through play" philosophy values the creative possibilities and playful minds of its young visitors. In true Please Touch spirit, this hands-on project will let children and adults collaborate in a fun, educational way as they build their imaginative and inventive dream dollhouse. Just like Frank Lloyd Wright's imagination was stimulated while he was playing with building blocks at a young age, we hope to spark the imagination of children across the Philadelphia area with this project. The museum will also display the work of young visionaries alongside the contribution of professional participants to promote the importance of design and creative thinking in everyone's lives.

Pinky: Tell us a little more about DesignPhiladelphia, its mission and how it relates to what we do at Please Touch Museum.

Lorna: DesignPhiladelphia believes that Philadelphia is a center for education, boasting a diverse network of academic design programs, colleges, and universities as well as a thriving and nationally recognized professional design community. Through showcasing the extent of designers and retailers, professional offices, museums, and galleries, DesignPhiladelphia aides the city's retention and attraction of young designers and creative professionals. Like Please Touch Museum, DesignPhiladelphia is eager to get kids of all ages involved in a project that promotes teamwork, imaginative thinking, education and exploration. In a way, the project is bringing the museum's mission into families' homes!

Pinky: I can't wait to get started on my dream dollhouse! Where can I sign up?

Lorna: The project is open to everyone and design proposals can be submitted online here.

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