Monday, July 27, 2009

Meet my new friends!

Hi everyone!
Today I'd like to share anther visitor experience with you. This one involves a fun-loving grandmother and her two granddaughters, ages 10 and 11. Even thought the two girls are a little over the general age range of our visitors, they had a blast at Please Touch Museum! Read on to hear about their trip to the Children's Museum…

"A grandmother to two girls, both of whom are well over the age group that normally visits Please Touch, I was worried that my girls wouldn't find any interest in the exhibits and would end the trip complaining of boredom. Regardless, Please Touch Museum was added to our summer fun itinerary and boy, did the girls have a ball!

Upon our arrival, we were greeted by a large figure of a torch resembling that of the Statue of Liberty, but composed of recycled material and bursting with vibrant color! A wonderful start to our visit since our previous stop had been New York City.

After marveling over the unique piece of art, the options of where to go next were endless and the decision a difficult one. My girls found themselves attracted to the River Adventures exhibit and unraveled their curiosity while playing with one another. But, a real favorite was the Alice in Wonderland maze with its mirrors, shrinking room and dream-like atmosphere. Next thing I knew, they were off to the beautiful carousel riding cat figurines with smiles that ran ear to ear.

Once finished with the one side of the museum, it was time to venture off into the other wing where the girls found Roadside Attractions, the Program Room and Flight Fantasy. The girls agreed that Flight Fantasy was great fun and tried everything in the room; even I tried my luck at the hamster wheel!

In the midst of our fun, we lost track of the time and never made it to the grocery store portion of the museum. "Oh well, guess we will have to come back again next year!" the girls said.

That was music to my ears!

Finding activities that are age appropriate for 10 and 11-year olds is not an easy task, but after experiencing all that Please Touch has to offer, I definitely recommend visiting with pre-teens. The exhibits are versatile and pull at the imagination— something that's fun at every age. See you again next year!"

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  1. Whenever we hint to my son, Aidan, 5, that we're going to the Please Touch Museum, he goes nuts. It's to the point where we try not to mention it until the morning of, lest we endure days of "WHENAREWEGOING?WHENAREWEGOING?WHENAREWEGOING?" We went this morning and loved the theater presentation and can't wait until we go again. Please Touch rocks! Daniel Sean Kaye, editor, Parents Express magazine


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