Friday, July 17, 2009

Put on your dancing shoes!

Please Touch Museum’s latest and greatest music programming is offering visitors an opportunity to create their own beats that have them up on their feet!

I sat down with Ann Goering, Music Coordinator at Please Touch Museum who told me all about how cool it can be to create music at the children’s museum.

Pinky: Ann, the music department at PTM is new. What’s it all about?

Ann: The music department is about fun! It’s about expressing emotions through everyday instruments. The department puts together shows and programs that take place 7-days a week. Our shows are structured, but are never too serious where the kids don’t feel like they’re the stars, which they always are! Then there are times when we bunk down in a cozy spot in the museum and welcome anyone who wants to make some noise using instruments like the drums, guitars; whatever’s around, really. Too often people forget that you can make music out of pretty much anything and that even if it doesn’t make a perfect harmony, it’s still music.

Pinky: I love making music! Can parents get involved, too?

Ann: Of course! While children are our favorite audience, we love it when parents take part in the programs. Often times we see that they have as much fun as the kids do! Musical limbo is a favorite at the museum and a great activity that incorporates family bonding and musical discovery. Plus, you can do it at home!

Pinky: What sort of things can kids discover?

Ann: Discovering sound is really the key. The noise a pen makes when we tap it on the table or even the sound that we can make by slapping our hands on our thighs. The possibilities are endless! Incorporation of everyday matters is also a big part of our programs. August is transportation month here at the museum, so we put together a mini traveler’s music manual by implementing a drum show. We will perform using drums that come from countries all over the world and will invite our guests to take part in learning how to create their own tunes. With this, we exemplify different sounds with a little bit of geography. It’s going to be a great time with lots of rhythm!

Pinky: Great! I’ll be sure to bring out my favorite dancing shoes!

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