Friday, August 28, 2009


Hi Everyone! I recently sat down with Jemella Flamer, Youth Programs Manager at PTM, to discuss Please Touch Museum’s ACES program and all the fun the students had this summer.

Pinky: Hey Jemella! What is the ACES program all about?

Jemella: ACES stands for “Achievement through Community Service, Education and Skill Building” and has been a part of Please Touch Museum for the past 14 years. It is a program designed to help develop students in the Philadelphia area for post-high school life and focuses on experiential, student-directed learning, which is supported by every program at Please Touch Museum. Students in the ACES program are woven into the fiber of the museum through a mentoring program, summer employment and work with various departments in program planning. And it’s a ton of fun!

Pinky: This sounds like a great program for students! Can you tell me more about what activities the students take part in?

Jemella: Our ACES students are exposed to a wide variety of services aimed at preparing them for the next steps in their lives. Students are taken through SAT test preparation, college selection processes and resume writing, and will develop an expertise in presentation planning and preparation, time management, and public speaking through research-driven projects. One of the many goals we have for the students by the end of the ACES program is that they are able to develop an appreciation for themselves and the confidence to be able to compete with their peers in all areas of their lives.

Pinky: This program sounds like a lot of work. Do the students have fun?

Jemella: Of course, Pinky! We’re all about fun here at Please Touch Museum. During the summer, our ACES students took part in a team building activity and learned to play lacrosse together. It was really fun to watch!

Pinky: That does sound fun! I can't wait to see what the ACES do next!

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