Monday, August 17, 2009


September is bringing “Dancing Days” to Please Touch Museum with tons of different tunes to groove to! Ann Goering, Music Coordinator at PTM, sat down with me to talk about the month long boogie sessions.

Pinky: Ann, what’s with all the dancing going on at the museum? What can I really learn from it all?

Ann: Like all forms of art, and like the museum itself, dancing inspires children and people of all ages. Through dancing, we want young children to use their bodies as another form of expression of their feelings and fresh ideas. Children learn the meaning of different vocabulary through the dance programs: fast, slow, jerky, gallop, and tempo are words they might not otherwise experience at such a young age outside of a dance environment. Our programs support Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences by providing kinetic programming that offers opportunities to improve: loco motor skills (skipping, hopping, etc.), muscle control, body awareness, and balance. All of which is beneficial to the youngsters discovering how far their legs, arms and feet will take them. Dancing encourages social interaction, improves listening skills, and provides opportunities for dramatic play.

Pinky: What sort of programs will I be able to attend?

Ann: You’ll be able to travel the world with all of the programs we have lined up. Dancing is a fun, wonderful way to introduce different cultures from around the world to young children. On our schedule for the month of September are performers and classes including ancient Mesoamerican dance, Puerto Rican bomba, ballroom, Spanish flamenco, Dominican, salsa, ballet, tap, hip-hop, modern-the list goes on and on! We even have on board Irish dancing and Brazilian capoeira! All of the programs run approximately 20-30 minutes, but you will find yourself dancing from the moment you get into your car all the way home.

Pinky: I love it all! I can already feel my toes tapping…

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