Thursday, August 6, 2009

Kindergarten Mixer

New faces, new places-- I get the shivers just thinking about starting Kindergarten! So I sat down with Beth Schnapp, Community Programs Specialist at Please Touch Museum who fortunately eased my nerves and told me all about the Children's Museum's awesome Kindergarten Mixer, held this coming Saturday, Aug. 8 at Please Touch Museum!

Pinky: Beth, tell me about the Kindergarten Mixer and how it helps with the "big step" jitters?

Beth: The 8th Annual Kindergarten Mixer is done in partnership with the School District of Philadelphia, Kindergarten is Key Initiative and United Way, so lots goes into the event. The purpose behind the mixer is to bring together families with soon-to-be kindergarten students for an afternoon filled with fun; and it's all free! There's both entertaining and informative activities available all afternoon. Kids will get to enjoy snacks and a great opening ceremony, along with the opportunity to make new friends. It's a great way to help kids feel comfortable in mixing with new people and getting excited about a new stage in their lives.

Pinky: How does the mixer benefit parents?

Beth: there's tons to do and learn for parents, too! Parents will have the opportunity to speak with School District representatives and learn about different educational resources available through the Franklin Institute, the Free Library of Philadelphia, the Academy of Natural Science, the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and many others. Parents will also get a feeling for what it will be like on the first day of school. It's never a dull moment at our mixers!

Pinky: Thanks Beth! I can't wait to see how many new friends I make at the mixer!

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