Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Our visitors' masterpieces

Today I'd like to share some really cool pieces of art that kids made in our Program Room recently. Be sure to stop by next time you visit!
You won't find a license plate that looks like this just about anywhere in the Keystone State. This was created at our "License Plate Rubbing" activity.

Lune's map from our "Make a Map" activity traipses through South America, Gallia
(which was located near present-day France), a cartoon desert, and North America.
That is going to be some summer vacation!

Created with tempera paint, this picture shows a lone brown house with bright windows
against a bold blue sky. What a lovely place to live that would be!

In this picture, our friend Cade used a lot of bright tempera paint for vibrant colors, circles and lines to create a wonderfully imaginative football. Or maybe a flower? Or ferris wheel? Or a jelly fish?
What do you think?

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