Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Please Touch City

Hey everybody!
Today, I wanted to tell you a little about one of my favorite spaces in the museum: City Capers!

This exhibit resembles a child-sized "city" in the museum, which lets kids explore a realistic urban environment of Philly skyscrapers, while getting to know the people, places and businesses that make city life so fun and dynamic. Interacting in our Medical Center and Pat's Shoe Store gives kids the chance to expand socially, while exploring the world around them in a safe environment. Plus, they can playfully learn what it's like to be a doctor, nurse, sales associate or shop owner!

One of Please Touch Museum's most popular exhibit spaces is also part of City Capers: The Supermarket! Here, kids get to "purchase" items and role-play as a cashier, while developing problem-solving and motor skills using the cash register and check-out station. And what better way to learn that part of play is putting things away, than by re-stocking the shelves in the market? It's so much fun!

In the Busy Build construction area, kids have the opportunity to role-play as an architect, construction worker or city planner while interacting with "kid friendly" tools and equipment used in these different jobs. And of course, there's Front Step, where our youngest visitors can play in an area specifically designed for them. Before you leave City Capers, be sure to visit the original display of the set and props from the beloved Philadelphia children’s TV show, Captain Noah and his Magical Ark!

So come explore the city like never before! And if you see me shopping away in the Supermarket or singing Captain Noah's "I Can Sing A Rainbow," be sure to join in!

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