Thursday, October 1, 2009

Centennial Exploration

Take a trip back in time with me and explore the history of Memorial Hall and the 1876 World's Fair in the Centennial Exploration exhibit here at Please Touch Museum!

Centennial Exploration lets kids explore what life was like in Philadelphia in 1876, with features on the architecture, exhibits and inventions debuted at our nation's 100th birthday party. Did you know that root beer and bananas were offered for the first time at the Centennial? The exhibit features fun, interactive ways to connect with history and let your imagination wander.

History is taught in a fun way-- fit for kids, of course, with lots of hands-on features. The big highlight is the magnificent 20x30 foot model of the Exhibition Fairgrounds, created in 1889 by John Baird in 1 in 192 scale. Not only will kids have fun locating Memorial Hall and the Statue of Liberty's Arm & Torch, but they will also learn about what buildings looked like and how people traveled during the time. Kids will have the opportunity to learn about different means of transportation, like railroads and waterways. It's one big history lesson!

Kids will also get to learn what life was like during the late part of the 19th century by being introduced to Daisy Williams, a 9-year old girl who visited the World's Fair. Daisy was fascinated by the exhibits the Centennial had to offer, and our exhibit contains a variety of items that Daisy brought home with her, including a Centennial bracelet, teacups and a red walking suit! Can your child spot all the souvenirs? This is the perfect opportunity for parents to ask questions and engage their child. "Can you imagine what life was like before light bulbs were invented?" and "Which invention that you learned about here is your favorite one?"

So be sure to stop by and take a trip into the past with me!

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