Monday, October 26, 2009

Healthy Lifestyles, Healthy Eating and Safe Halloween

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October is our “Healthy Lifestyles, Healthy Eating and Safe Halloween” month presented by PECO! While Halloween candy is something to look forward to (you can even come trick-or-treat with us at the museum on October 31st!) it’s a good month for kids to learn that healthy food can be delicious, too. If they practice making good choices today, they are more likely to follow a healthier lifestyle into adulthood!

Just look at our on-site food options in the Please Taste Cafe! It doesn’t sacrifice flavor for nutrition even though their wholesome meals will energize you for more playtime in our exhibits.

I sat down with Scott Swiger, the general manager on-site for Max & Me Catering, and asked him a few questions about the food in our Cafe.

Pinky: So what’s special about the food in the Please Taste Cafe?

Scott: We try to emphasize healthy eating without limiting options. So, for instance, we have the choice of whole wheat pasta and even our soft pretzels have a higher whole wheat percentage than most. We also have fresh fruit and Kashi snacks. The one thing we don’t have is fried foods. Our kitchen doesn’t even have a fryer! And you can always follow up with a tasty dessert. We have everything from ice-cream sandwiches to frozen yogurt to one of our best-selling cookies. It’s gluten, dairy and egg free! We do have soda, but also a wide selection of juices, including Froose!, an organic, fiber-enriched juice that comes in delicious flavors like “Perfect Pear.”

Pinky: Is the Cafe parent-friendly?

Scott: Absolutely! We have some delicious salads and all our pasta is made to order. So while an eight-year old may want his pasta with cheese sauce or just plain butter, mom or dad can get it with all kinds of fresh vegetables.

And, to make sure everyone can enjoy their meal, all prepared foods are nut-free.

After you finish your meal, you can go visit the Supermarket in our City Capers exhibit, where kids can decide for themselves what’s healthy and delicious. Then they can go to the nearby kitchen and let their imaginations create whatever they like from their recent “purchase.”

It’s important to learn that nutrition is important and that healthy food is yummy. That way kids grow accustomed to loving good food at an early age! After all, one of the museum’s mottos is “The choices we make today create our future.”

Pinky: Thanks for all the great tips, Scott! Well, I’m going to go get a snack, but I hope to see you soon! Stay healthy!

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