Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Introducing: Hide & Seek at Please Touch Museum

Do you know what one of my new favorite games to play at Please Touch Museum is? I'll give you a hint. You have to look up, down and all around…give up yet?
It's Hide and Seek of the Week!

Hide and Seek of the Week invites kids and their grown-ups to actively engage their curiosity and imagination, all the while encouraging our young audience to engage with the museum's ever-growing collection of objects. Part of what makes Please Touch Museum so unique is that we actively collect and display objects that reflect the work of childhood-play! Our Collection consists of over 12,000 objects, the majority of which are toys. We collect toys, not just because they're fun, but more importantly because they guide play, spark the imagination and encourage critical thinking.

Our objects not only provide a simple introduction to museum collections, but provide kids a tangible and relatable link to begin understanding the differences and similarities among cultures and time periods. Collections support and encourage kids and their grown-ups to connect and talk with one another by using toys as a jumping board. "When I was a little…," "What was your favorite toy?” or "One year for my birthday…"

So put on your looking eyes and getting ready to search high and low for the new Hide and Seek of the Week!

Hide and Seek of the Week features are located throughout the gallery floor at the bottom of the Today's Fun Signs. Check out these cool past Hide and Seek of the Week items:

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