Monday, October 12, 2009

Pinky's Pals: PTM and Puppets!

Today I want to tell you about the Puppet Pals at Please Touch Museum. The Puppet Pals are all very special. I should know because I’m one of them!

People of all ages, especially children, enjoy puppets because we offer an element of magic. Puppets personify make believe—we cannot exist without someone imagining us to life. While people sometimes disagree on where exactly puppets originated, evidence indicates we have been around for millennia throughout the globe! People have made puppets out of all sorts of things: animal hide, wood, clay, fabric, paper, foam, etc. An easy puppet to make at home is the classic sock puppet. Just take a sock, put it on your hand, and use markers to decorate it. Instant puppet! Remember, your hand is a puppet without a sock, too. Everywhere you travel, two puppets go with you!

Here at PTM, our Playhouse Theater performers are puppeteers as well as actors. They use puppets to delight kids, and to nurture imagination, improvisation and pretending skills. While most kids love puppets, sometimes children can be wary or frightened of puppets, the same way they may be scared of an unfamiliar pet. PTM puppeteers are skilled at gauging a child’s comfort level with puppets and will adjust an interaction as needed. Many PTM puppet appearances are listed on the Today’s Fun signs, but often puppets pop up unannounced for a visit on the gallery floor. So, keep your peepers peeled for Pinky (that’s me!) and other PTM Puppet Pals! Here are a couple of my friends that you might see:

Winston is a “wizard in training” but is already an expert on making friends with PTM visitors! With his trusty wand by his side, Winston is sure to make any PTM visit even more magical.

A little grizzly and a lot green, PTM’s Pickle likes to nap and take it easy. Tickle his furry feet, however, and he’s sure to give you a giggle.

PTM’s in-house physician, Dr. Penny makes her rounds in the PTM hospital. She reminds kids to wash hands often and that the baby patients in the ward need love more than anything else!

Penelope the Princess of Play, Winston the Wizard’s little sister, works hard to be a good princess, but still needs more practice. Her favorite color is purple and she is perfecting her curtsy. Princess Penelope enjoys dancing and talking to other princesses at the museum.

See you soon!!

If you can't make it to the museum, Please Touch Museum's Play Patrol and Pinky will be at the Michener Art Museum for Jim Henson's Fantastic World exhibit on Friday, November 6th from 6-9 p.m. with a fun "Make a Puppet" activity.

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