Friday, November 6, 2009

Fall Fun in the Program Room

Now that November is in full swing, be sure to stop by the Program Room for loads of Fall Fun activities!

Kids can experiment with an interesting art process at our “Crayon and Watercolor Resists” activity. Use wax crayons to create designs on a piece of paper and then paint over them with watercolor paint! Since wax is water resistant, the paint will only absorb into the paper around the colored designs, creating an interesting and beautiful pattern. It’s tons of fun!

The “Quilt Mosaic” activity lets children utilize square and triangular tiles, pieces of paper, and other collage elements to create their own unique ‘quilts’ on sheets of construction paper. Did you know Quilt making has a long history in America? It was a popular form of folk art for the first generations of our country, and continues to be practiced today! Quilting is also a good way to reuse something that might have otherwise been thrown away. Can you think of other art forms that can use recycled materials?

Here's a sample masterpiece from one of our visitors:

Get into the holiday spirit by participating in our “Holiday Cards and Mail Art activity!” Blank greeting cards and envelopes are used as a canvas and turned into beautiful masterpieces. Celebrating holidays is an important part of family life, and this activity gives kids a creative way to participate and learn about the importance and fun of sharing special time with their families.

If you enjoy the activities you find in the program room and want to take what you learned home with you, our Kids Store has a great selection of arts and crafts materials to choose from. The Kids Store items of the month are “Stone By Stone” and “Mosaic Clock Kit,” two exciting activities that emulate the art of ancient mosaics!

So come by our Program Room this month and celebrate the coming holidays, the fall season in which they happen, and your family to share them with!

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