Monday, November 23, 2009

Nancy Kolb Retires

Please Touch Museum's President and Chief Executive Officer, Nancy Kolb, retired on Friday, November 20 after 21 years as the museum's leader. Nancy had a lot to say about what her retirement means for her, the museum and its visitors. Read on for more!

Pinky: Hi Nancy! We're going to miss you at Please Touch! How did you decide you were ready to retire?
Nancy: This has been a long journey to get us here [Memorial Hall], it took 11 years! I'm leaving on a pretty high note and am turning it over to someone that's been here just as long and whose skill set better matches what the museum needs now.
But, I’m still going to be around. They aren't getting rid of me, that's for sure! Please Touch Museum will always have my heart. How could you not love a job where you ride a carousel and have a serious conversation with a three year old?

Pinky: What has your time at Please Touch Museum taught you?
Nancy: The museum has taught me the importance of a creative environment where everyone can be successful. I have one of the most remarkable staffs and it took the board, the staff [particularly the visiting staff], proper funding, our members and a good investment bank to get where we are today. We all have had a shared vision and that’s the key element in all of this.

Pinky: What will you miss the most about your time at Please Touch?
Nancy: I'm going to miss the kids and the carousel. I try to go on at least once a day! My time with the children is precious to me. I have a wonderful time conversing with them and their want to have fun is joyous! Whether I'm here or whether I’m not, they will be here. And I'll be back to talk to them from time to time.

Pinky: The carousel's my favorite too! What are your plans after you retire?
Nancy: I'm not sure what I'm going to do when I leave here. I'll spend more time with my grandchildren, work on my golf game, learn Spanish and do the inevitable traveling. Fun is a core value in the museum and part of my life.

Pinky: Thanks for talking with me today Nancy! You will be greatly missed and I hope you visit soon and ride the carousel with me and my puppet pals!

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