Wednesday, December 9, 2009

On stage Friday: "The Building Show"

On Friday, December 11, one of my favorite Please Touch Playhouse shows opens!
The Building Show
will be on stage until January 25, 2010.

I had a chance to talk to David Hutchman, Theater Experience Manager, who both wrote the script and constructed the set for the show.

Pinky: So, David, what's this show all about?
David: Well, Pinky, it's all about what happens when The Three Little Pigs unexpectedly cancel their show that's all about building things. But the show must go on and Big Blue and his furry gang of hearty understudies throw on their costume pig noses and leap on stage to do the show anyway! They build words, they build houses and they even build sandwiches! The show is also full of surprises. There's a talking box. There's the Flying Brick-o-Leen-O family of acrobatic bricks. And there's also a house made of sticks and one of straw that looks like French fries!

Pinky: That sounds fantastic! What themes or "lessons" can children (and adults, too!) take away from this performance?
David: The big idea is that building isn't just something you do with a hammer. When you spell a word and get all the letters in the right order you're building; when you make a sandwich and add all the things you like, you're building. In a way, the puppets are building the show even as you watch it. It's all about building things, but the things that get built might not be what you expect. It's a fun way to learn and fuel every child's imagination!

Pinky: After kids see the show, how can they create a similar show at home for their family?
David: Just as our puppets stand in for the Pigs, the kids can use almost any stuffed animal they have at home to re-tell the story. And they can use the ideas in the show every time they are building other things in their lives. When they make the bed, when they get dressed, when they play blocks they can do a version of the things they saw Big Blue and the other puppets do.

To find out more, visit the Please Touch Playhouse online!

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