Wednesday, March 24, 2010

March of the Puppets!

As you may have seen in our last post, we celebrated the International Day of Puppetry on March 24, but puppetry was also the theme throughout the whole month of March in the Program Room!

If you visited us this month, you may have created your very own PTM Puppet Pal to bring home with you! Creating paper bag puppets gave children the chance to bring their artwork to life by performing in our homemade Recycled Puppet Theater. We used a diverse set of materials including sparkles, krazy krinkle paper, stickers, pom poms and brightly patterned papers. Each puppet let our young visitors practice identification of facial features and body parts.

You can bring this experience home with you easily buy using paper lunch bags and recycled household materials around your house, like used newspaper, that can be used as clothing, or buttons that can be used to create your puppet’s face! All you need is a little bit of creativity!

Puppets are a wonderful learning tool because they encourage creative play and discovery. They allow us to communicate and express ourselves. Children can perform with puppets by using different voices, varying their motions, and also by putting them in new or exciting situations. Many people say that children will always surprise you with how they choose to use materials, and we were thrilled to see so many of our young visitors actually gathering an audience to watch their next puppet performance!

Next month, the Program Room art experiences will include: Recycled Print Making, Window blocks with Recycled Materials, Drawing in the Sand, and a Beehive Matching Game. Hope to see you there!

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