Monday, March 1, 2010

Final Round of Mono Prints for Philagrafika!

As you know, Mono Print Making in Please Touch Museum's Program Room gave our visitors the chance to play with their art. Looking back on the beautiful masterpieces by our young visitors that were featured here on the blog last week, we see a great variety of artwork using the same tools; it's the process, not the product that matters. At Please Touch Museum, we value creativity and experimentation, and the Mono Print Making activity perfectly illustrates that each child has a unique connection and experience with art.

Thank you again to all of our talented and playful young artists for their wonderfully imaginative contributions!

Jonah, Age 3, represents a varied palette of color along with a variety of abstract shapes.

Lily, Age 3, creates art that dances across the page with contrasting yellow and blue.

Louis, Age 2, mixes and layers colors.

Maryam, Age 3, layers thin tracks of color in this exciting work of art.

Michael uses pattern and line in this mono chromatic print.

Zahirah, Age 6, lays down the pink then reprints with a darker blue that creates a nice contrast.

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