Thursday, March 18, 2010

International Day of Puppetry

Hey friends! did you know this Sunday, March 21st, the museum will be celebrating the International Day of Puppetry? It's my favorite day of the year! I sat down with my good pal Aaron Rose, Please Touch Museum Theater Performer, and he told me all about what's in store for the day:

Pinky: What’s the International Day of Puppetry all about?

Aaron: The International Day of Puppetry is a day to celebrate puppetry. And not just one type of puppetry but ALL types of puppetry. Puppetry is the art of making or operating puppets. A person who makes or operates puppets is called a puppeteer.

Pinky: You mean the person with me all the time is named “Puppeteer”? I thought her name was Alice.

Aaron: Well, you’re right. The person is called “a puppeteer”; but that is not her name, it is her job, like being a teacher or a doctor. A teacher’s job is to help people learn, and a doctor’s job is to help people be healthy. A puppeteer’s job is to work with puppets to help people imagine and laugh.

Pinky: How are we celebrating International Day of Puppetry here at the museum and why are we celebrating it?

Aaron: We are celebrating by having the entire day dedicated to all kinds of puppetry and puppet. Puppetry is a very important part of what we do here at PTM. We use it in our theater shows, out on the gallery floor, in our Program Room, and in our special events. We use it everywhere! Puppets are special because they can be used in many ways. For instance, they can teach us about new and exciting things, listen to our stories, help us to not to be afraid, and of course make us laugh or feel happy when we are feeling sad. International Day of Puppetry is a day to celebrate all of the things that puppets and puppeteers do for us. We celebrate YOU, Pinky. If we didn’t have puppetry or puppets, then we would not have you.

Pinky: What kinds of music, art and literacy activities are planned? How are they educational?

Aaron: We are very excited to have on exhibition, a collection of traditional Malian puppet and mask pieces on loan to us from Mary Sue & Paul Peter Rosen in an exhibit titled “Sogo Bo: The Animals Come Forth”. These are all traditional Malian puppets and masks, which tell stories of Malian traditions, lifestyle and folklore. We will have them on display outside the Please Touch Playhouse and in the Program Room from March 19th until May 31st.

Our “Hide and Seek of the Week” will feature a puppet for everyone one to find on their own scavenger hunt. The Playhouse Theater will feature an interactive puppet show called “There’s Something Under My Bed”. There will be special dance parties with marionettes. Plus, PTM puppeteers and Puppet Pals will be strolling around the museum saying hello to everyone. In our Program Room, visitors can build their own puppets, help decorate our recycled puppet stage, and explore other puppet activities. In the Story Castle, the story times will feature books about puppets and toys that come to life. We will also be introducing a BRAND NEW PTM PUPPET PAL that day! I am really excited to meet him (or her). Also, ALL puppets in the Kids Store will be 20% off on that day.

All of our programming is designed provide opportunities to interact, ask questions, explore, and discover. And, as always, we encourage everyone to play and have a great time while they are learning new things.

Pinky: After families leave the festival, how can they incorporate puppets into their kids’ play?

Well, everyone can make their own puppets here in our Program Room; however if you want to, you can also make your own puppets at home. It’s a great way to work on gross and fine motor skills, as well as developing creative problem-solving and cognition skills. We also have a great selection of puppets in the Kids Store. Once you have your puppets, use them to put on a show for each other; it can be a great family activity and a fun opportunity to talk about the day with each other. There are so many things that you can do with puppets, there are no limits when it comes to your imagination.

Pinky: International Day of Puppetry sounds like so much fun! I can't wait!

You can meet all of Please Touch Museum's Puppet Pals on our Please Touch Playhouse Theater page.

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  1. The Puppet Master Aaron Rose does a wonderful job. I so very much enjoyed the show I was able to see. Wonderful job again PTM for having such wonderful talent at your museum. These are wonderful peopel with exratrodinary skills.


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