Tuesday, April 20, 2010

2010 Book Award: Runner Up

As you know, we're celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Please Touch Museum's Book Award this month! Each year, the Book Award judges review over 100 books to find just two final winners for the Award. And each year, we are left with a small pile of books that, while not selected as a winner, we really think are of the highest caliber and deserving of recognition and commendation. From this pile, we've selected one book to acknowledge as this year's Runner Up. Drum roll please...The 2010 Runner Up is:
Ant and Bird are having a conversation about string. Just how long can a long string be, Ant asks? It turns out that a string can be exactly as long as you need it to be, and the ways that you can use a string are beyond numbers.

Baker's story, comprised almost entirely of simple questions, will encourage kids to look differently at the world around them, and to think creatively about how they can interact with that world. His illustrations are also lively and vibrant and full of surprises!

Be sure to come and visit this Friday, April 23, to celebrate the books we'll crown as this year's Book Award winners! Plus, you'll get to meet one of the winning authors!

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