Monday, April 12, 2010

2010 Book Award: Visitor’s Choice Award

This past weekend, our visitors perused a selection of past Please Touch Museum Book Award winners and voted on their all-time favorite. Thanks to everyone who voted!

The winning book is…I Love Our Earth by Bill Martin Jr. and Michael Sampson, illustrated by Dan Lipow.

I Love Our Earth was selected as the winner of the 4 to 7 year old category for the 2007 Book Award. In this book, Martin and Sampson’s text celebrates the natural splendor of our Earth and the diversity of its inhabitants (both human and animal). While simple on the surface, their rhyming text conceals a great love and appreciation for our planet. Lipow’s photographs are varied in subject and traverse the globe; from alpine mountains to the backyard. They prominently feature not only our world’s beauty, but also kids from around the world, showing that no matter how different our daily lives are, we all have pretty much the same stuff on the inside.

Original photographic prints, on loan from the book’s illustrator Dan Lipow, are currently on display at the museum and will remain in the Etch-a-Sketch Display Case until May 4, so be sure check them out during your next visit!

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