Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Crazy Hair Day!

Today at the museum we are celebrating our annual Crazy Hair Day!

Crazy Hair Day is based around the book by the same name, by author and illustrator Barney Saltzberg. In Crazy Hair Day Stanley Birdbaum wakes up early one fine morning because he can’t wait for Bald Eagle Elementary School’s Crazy Hair Day celebration. With some hair gel and rubber bands and coloring spray, Stanley makes himself into a living work of art. Stanley is so excited when he gets to class and his teacher announces to everyone that Crazy Hair Day is officially…scheduled for next week! And today is actually school picture day! Stanley is so embarrassed that he retreats into the boy’s bathroom and refuses to come out. That is, until his best friend Larry Finchfeather convinces him that the rest of the class has a surprise for him that may make this the best Crazy Hair Day yet.

There are plenty of ways you can celebrate your own Crazy Hair Day at home. Use anything you can think of, from pipe cleaners and combs to aluminum foil and egg crates. Allow your child to be completely free and creative with their decorating and even join in and have fun observing your follicular creations together in front of a mirror. Reading Barney Saltzberg’s book and making your own crazy hair fun is a unique way to create a special reading experience for a child.

In our Program Room you can come visit our Crazy Hair Salon and try on a wig or use all manner of clips, ties, and other materials to design your own contorted coif! There will also be readings of Mr. Saltzberg’s book in our Story Castle at 10:30, 12:30, and 3:30.

You can find more about Crazy Hair Day at Barney Saltzberg’s website:

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