Thursday, May 13, 2010

On Stage Friday: "Pinch Bear"

Beginning on Friday May 14th, Please Touch Playhouse presents Pinch Bear. This exciting show will run until May 31, 2010.

Today, I had the chance to talk with David Hutchman, our Theater Experience Manager, to tell us a little bit about this show.

Pinky: What is this show all about?

This show is about a little tiny bear. She’s so tiny that some people even have trouble seeing her. But even though she’s very small she manages to do big things, very big things!

Pinky: Do the kids in the audience get to do anything in the show?

Well, none of our shows at Please Touch Museum lets you just sit there. Where’s the fun in that? Our kids in the audience always get into the act. For instance, in this show they get to help a number of times. They help us look for Pinch Bear and they help us guess what’s in the river when Pinch Bear goes paddling in her canoe. They also get involved in another way. At one point, Pinch Bear becomes a high diver in the circus. Every time she jumps off her high dive perch and into her tank of water there’s a big splash and…well…let’s just say that water has to go somewhere.

Pinky: What themes or "lessons" can children (and adults, too!) take away from this performance?

People are always telling Pinch Bear she’s too small to try things. It’s very frustrating for her. One day Pinch Bear hears about a seemingly fearsome giant. When everyone else is too afraid to even leave their houses, Pinch Bear sees her chance to finally prove herself and sets out to become a giant fighter. What she discovers when she confronts the “monster” reminds Pinch Bear what she should have known all along: that you shouldn’t judge a person by how they look or what others say about them. The story of PINCH BEAR takes aim at how we judge each other and how wrong we can be without even knowing it.

Pinky: After kids see the show on stage, how can they create a similar performance at home with and for their family?

Pinch Bear may start out as a very tiny bear, but she soon grows up to be the size of a Teddy Bear. If you have a Teddy Bear at home and a couple of simple props you could probably do your own version of the show right in your living room. Please ask your big person first before you splash any water around.

Click here to download the "Pinch Bear" activity flyer.

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