Wednesday, June 16, 2010

“Books to Know, Books to Grow” Art Showcase

Last Thursday, I spent some time at the “Books to Know, Books to Grow” art showcase here at the museum! “Books to Know, Books to Grow” is Please Touch Museum’s literacy-based program that guides pre-school children ages 4 to 5 through educationally enriching programming that supports emergent literacy, math and art skills.

Books chosen for the program are selected from outstanding classic and contemporary children’s literature. Winners of Please Touch Museum’s Annual Book Awards and Pennsylvania’s “One Book for Every Young Child” program are included in the syllabus. The program is c onducted inside the classroom so that the student’s learning day is not disrupted.

Literature, math and art are incorporated into the program and each lesson is designed to offer activities that assist children in their development of basic academic skills. Post-activities are provided to parents and teachers for utilization after “Books to Know, Books to Grow” has been delivered. Participation in this program supports kids as they grow to identify, process, and demonstrate an understanding of topics that correlate with Pennsylvania Learning Standards for Early Childhood.

The best part is at the end of the school year, all of the kids involved get to submit their art work to be displayed at Please Touch Museum! We celebrate with music, dance, food, and lots of fun for the children and their families! My favorite activity was making a Spoon friend, just like the one from the book, Spoon by Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Scott Magoon.

For more information about Please Touch Museum’s Book Award winners, click here.

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