Friday, June 25, 2010

Chalk It Up!

Happy Summer!
One of the best parts of summer is having extra time, and what better way to spend your quality time than creating art with your little one?

A friend of ours from the Delaware Valley Art Therapy Association, Megan Van Meter, LPC, ATR-BC, shared this helpful list of tips for Responding to Children’s Artwork:

“A piece of artwork is a piece of communication, not a piece of clutter. When a child (or anyone, for that matter) shows you her or his art, here are some guidelines for responding in a way that lets the individual know you are listening to her or him.

• Express appreciation that the work is being shared with you (“It’s really great that you wanted to share this with me.” In doing this you communicate that you are interested in your relationship with your child.

• Accept each piece of art as valid in as-is condition (“I see this must be about something important, or you wouldn’t have made art about it.”) In doing this you communicate you accept the child as having validity and worth

• Ask the child to discuss the work (“Can you tell me a little about this?”) In doing this you communicate you are interested in understanding the child’s thoughts, feelings and perceptions

• Recognize the effort that went into the making the art (“You used up the whole sheet of paper- that really must have taken a lot of work!”) In doing this you communicate that effort, not ability, is necessary for success.

Remember: appreciating a child’s efforts, not her or his ability, is what paves the road for the individual’s success. This applies to artmaking as well as behavior in general!”

This weekend at Please Touch Museum, chalk artist Jeannie Moberly will be participating in our first Chalk It Up! Sidewalk Chalk event to celebrate the start of summer! Visitors will be able to watch Jeannie as she draws a unique mural on the ground outside of the Carousel House. We can't wait!

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