Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Get ready for some sporty fun!

The 10th Annual ABC Games presented by U.S. Airways kick off this Friday!

The Rainforest Rhythm gallery will once again be transformed into a nature themed obstacle course, with one of the highlights being a miniature rock climbing wall! The Games kick off with an Opening Day ceremony this Friday, June 4th at 10 a.m. featuring a parade through the museum led by our Flag Corps and concluding with the lighting of the "ABC Games Torch."

The ABC Games are a part of Please Touch Museum's Get Up and Grow™ healthy lifestyles initiative designed to enhance the lives of families by promoting healthy living to children. It's a lighthearted, interactive, content-based approach to teaching lifelong habits that result in healthier, happier families through compelling resources, exhibits, messaging, events and open-ended play. Physical fitness can easily be incorporated on a daily basis. For instance, make walking outside enjoyable by naming the trees or flowers that you see along the way!

Throughout June, visitors will be able to participate in an ABC Olympic Flag Printing activity in the Program Room, which will teach them about the Olympic Flag and the Olympic Games, all while working on hand-eye coordination, spatial reasoning, symmetry and patterns.

Here are some active lifestyle and sports-related questions you can ask your children during your visit, or at home to further engage them:
  • About Olympics: Have you heard of the Olympics before? What are the Olympic Games? Do you know any of the sports that are in the Olympic Games? How about in the Summer Olympics? Do you know where the Summer Olympics recently took place? If you were competing in the Games, which sport(s) would you play?
  • About ABC's: Do you know your ABC’s? Do you know how many vowels are in the first 5 letters of the alphabet? How about in the whole alphabet? What are they? How many letters are in the alphabet?
  • Other: Do you like to exercise, run, jump and/or dance? What is your favorite sport to play and why? What sports can you play in the summer/in the winter? What is your favorite sports team?
Let the Games begin!

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  1. We'll be there. Can't wait.

    Jenn from Professor of Play


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