Monday, June 14, 2010

Get Up and Grow!

I’m so excited the 10th Annual ABC Games presented by US Airways are in full swing! Did you know the ABC Games are part of Please Touch Museum’s Healthy Lifestyles initiative “Get Up and Grow,” designed to enhance the lives of families by promoting healthy living to children? In recent years, the initiative has grown to encompass many aspects of the Please Touch experience, such as: “No Smoking” signs and recycling containers throughout the museum; the physically engaging Flight Fantasy exhibit; and healthy eating options that comprise the menu in the Please Taste Cafe.

Max and Me, the museum’s exclusive on-site caterer, is committed to helping educate museum guests on the benefits of eating healthy foods to help the fight against childhood obesity. The Please Taste Cafe offers a number of alternatives to traditional kid fare. Some of the healthy menu options include:

• Whole/ fresh-cut fruits and vegetables with low-fat dips
• Salads with low-fat dressing
• Lean proteins
• 100% fruit juices
• Whole grain cereals and breads, cereal bars and steel cut oatmeal
• Vegetarian options

During your museum visit, keep an eye out for The Kooky Cooks Cooking Show. This show is an interactive performance series, modeled on the popular cooking show television format, which incorporates the wide variety of foods in the museum’s Supermarket. Performances are followed by extended character interactions for children in the exhibit with the performers, designed to encourage and support child-directed dramatic play within the exhibits.

Here are some tips for conservation in the kitchen:

Practice cutting down on paper product use. Try using washable dishcloths and napkins more often to reduce paper waste, and purchase recycled paper products when possible.

BYOB- Bring Your Own Bag, that is! Using a cloth or recycled shopping bag helps reduce the energy and resources used to make and transport paper or plastic bags. Invest in a bag that is durable and compact, and keep it handy in your car, coat pocket, stroller or purse.

And on August 29, the museum will hold its 1st Annual Stroller in the Park, a 5K family-oriented walk in Philadelphia’s Fairmount Park. This event will encourage families to remain active and will provide a fun-filled day of healthy lifestyle resources and activities to celebrate the end of summer. To learn more about Stroller in the Park, click here.

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