Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bringing Get Up and Grow on the road

Here at Please Touch Museum, we’re all about making healthy choices fun! If you’ve visited before, you know all about our ABC Games, and maybe you’ve even already signed up for our Stroller in the Park event. But did you know that Please Touch Museum also brings our healthy lifestyles initiative out to schools and community organizations? That’s right! Our Portable Play Programs bring a little taste of the museum out to your classroom, camp or library. I got the chance to go out on a visit with Claudia Setubal, Program Coordinator at Please Touch Museum, and I learned so much!

One of the cool things about Portable Play is that the workshop themes are based on the exhibits you know and love here at PTM. Each workshop has lots of different educational components, like story time, free play, creative dramatics, art activities, and lots more! I went with Claudia to the City Capers workshop she did last week.

In the museum, City Capers is the home of the Shoprite supermarket, the CHOP medical center and the Busy Build construction zone. The City Capers Portable Play workshop uses a play kit filled with toys, games, and books reflect the themes in the exhibit. The workshop teaches kids about healthy habits, like eating fruits and vegetables, moving your body, and getting checkups at the doctor’s office. Each component of Portable Play is designed to meet Pennsylvania’s early learning standards, focusing on areas like gross motor skills, expressive language, healthy and safe practices, and literacy comprehension.

The workshop was so much fun! We read Eric Carle’s From Head to Toe and learned how to do some animal-inspired yoga poses. It was so hard to keep my balance sometimes! My favorite pose was the cat pose. Meow! We also played with so many different toys- I got to wear a doctor’s coat and a stethoscope and listen to my heartbeat.

I can’t wait to try out a new Portable Play workshop. Maybe I’ll go see Flight Fantasy next? For more information about Please Touch Museum’s Portable Play Programs, click here.

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