Monday, July 19, 2010

Feel the Rhythm, Ring the Chimes, Come On Folks, its Rainforest Time!

Please Touch Museum is happy to welcome back Rainforest Rhythm! The Rainforest Rhythm exhibit has been in hibernation since November 2009, when it was moved to allow room for the annual Enchanted Colonial Village display, which was itself followed by “Exploring Trees: Inside and Out”. And now, after a restful 8 months, Rainforest Rhythm is back!

In Rainforest Rhythm, kids are provided with a fun and adventurous landscape to explore. There are musical instruments and percussion installed throughout the exhibit, which invite everyone to participate in a jungle jam session. These instruments, like the animal sound organ and the orchestra of bells hidden high up in the canopy, combine music and active, physical play.

Rainforest Rhythm is also home to Storybook Cottage. In this play space, which is ideally suited for younger and smaller kids, your favorite stories and fairy tales can come to life. By recreating their favorite stories in a fun and playful environment, kids are enriching their experience of reading and contributing to a life-long love of storytelling.

Rainforest Rhythm will be open until the fall, when it will once again be retired to make way for the seasonal appearance of the Enchanted Colonial Village Display.

Come visit and explore and make some noise!

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