Thursday, July 15, 2010

Gram Adele Returns!

On Friday, July 16, Please Touch Playhouse opens Gram Adele, one of my favorite shows! The show runs until September 6, 2010. I had the chance to talk with David Hutchman, Theater Experience Manager about the show and can’t wait to see all the fun bubble over!

Pinky: What's this show all about?
David: GRAM ADELE is a puppet show all about a wise, old magical woman who has a mysterious pot that cooks all by itself when you sing the magic song. Trouble ensues when her helper, Silly D, makes the magic pot cook even though he doesn’t know how to make it stop.

Pinky: Do the kids in the audience get to do anything in the show?
David: Well, none of our shows at Please Touch Museum let you just sit there. Where’s the fun in that? Kids in the audience always get into the act! In this show, we ask for someone to come on stage and hold up a very important sign that Silly D needs to read. We ask them to help us sing the magic pot song, ask them all kinds of questions that we need the answers to and they even get to tell Silly D, usually very loudly, that he hasn’t made the magic soup pot stop cooking at all, even though he thinks he has. We cover them with rich, creamy soup and ask them to help the King come up with ideas to make it stop. At the end of the show, Gram Adele even asks them to help her figure out if Silly D is telling the truth or not. Boy, they get to do all kinds of stuff!

Pinky: What themes or "lessons" can children (and adults, too!) take away from this performance?
David: The big one is that you should own up to the things you did. Be responsible for the mess you made and, most importantly, tell the truth. In this story, Silly D finally gets asked if he is telling the truth about making the magic soup pot cook and he does everything he can to keep from answering the question honestly. He doesn’t want to be responsible for the things he’s done. But Gram Adele then asks the kids in the audience. Of course, the kids know what Silly D should have said.

Pinky: After kids see the show on stage, can they create a similar performance at home with and for their family?
David: Of course! The soup pot in the show is really just a bubble machine. If you don’t happen to have one of those lying around you can always just use the bubble solution and bubble wand you can buy at a lot of stores. Just ask your big person first before you fill the house with bubbles. The puppets are from Italy and are all really old. But you can use your own dolls for all the characters. You can even tell the story acting out all the parts yourself! You can play Gram Adele by just putting a scarf on your head. Or you can be Silly D, all you need is a funny hat! You and your friends can act like all the folks in the story!

To find out more, visit the Please Touch Playhouse online!

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