Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Frida Kahlo!

Today in the Program Room we’re celebrating artist Frida Kahlo’s birthday! Frida combined her Mexican heritage with surrealist style and is best remembered for her self- expression portraits and vivid colors. Our “Self-Face Paint” activity will allow this style of painting to be experienced, which Frida believed to be a form of self discovery. This activity is an expression of the unique traits in every individual.

Kahlo began painting at 18 years old after suffering a terrible accident while riding a bus, which left her immobilized in a full body cast. This incident motivated Kahlo to concentrate on painting images that were most important to her such as self- portraits. Kahlo once reflected, “I painted my own reality.”

Try this activity at home if you are unable to visit the museum today: Set up some paper and art supplies such as pencils and paints in front of a mirror. As a personal form of self-exploration, like Frida, try to paint your face. While doing this activity, ask your children questions such as: What images are most important to you and why? Do you think it is difficult to paint yourself? What is your favorite image to paint?

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