Monday, July 12, 2010

Hide and Seek of the Week

This week’s collections object is a Etch A Sketch! This mechanical drawing toy works by using a two knobs to control the vertical and horizontal movement of a stylus across a field of aluminum powder. The very first Etch A Sketch rolled off of the Ohio Art Co. production line on July 12, 1960! Over the past 50 years, there have been several versions of the Etch A Sketch, including the Animator, but none have been able to reach the popularity of the classic Etch A Sketch.

Put on your looking eyes and see if you can find it during your next visit! And while you are looking high and low, don’t forget to encourage curiosity by asking open-ended questions and engaging your child in the conversation.

For example: What would you draw on a Etch A Sketch? How big is the biggest Etch a Sketch? Or simply tell your child your favorite Etch A Sketch story from growing up.

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