Monday, July 19, 2010

Texture in the Program Room

In the month of July, Please Touch Museum welcomed Child Life Specialist Interns from the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) to learn about our mission of learning through play. PTM’s Staff partners with the interns and teaches them how they can help to bring learning opportunities back to the hospital with them.

The interns had the chance to interact with our visitors while Painting with Emergency Vehicles in the Program Room. They helped to familiarize the children with emergency vehicles, the places these vehicles bring you to and explain that the people driving them are there to help. It was a lot of fun and we learned a lot too!

Learning About Elements of Art Through Play: Texture refers to the way that the surface of an object appears and can also refer to the way in which different elements of artwork come together to create an overall texture. Children build up their spatial awareness by interacting and playing with the world around them. Invite your child to explore texture and their surroundings by printing with toy cars, trucks or other vehicles. Using non-traditional materials provides a creative outlet for your child to learn about new painting tools and to play with texture.

Here's how you can bring the experience into your home:

Painting with Vehicles VROOM VROOM!

• 3-5 Toy Vehicles that can roll
• Baking Sheet to hold paint
• Sheet of Paper
• Newspaper or tablecloth to cover workspace

• Place newspaper or table cloth over surface you are going to use to paint on

• Place a small amount of paint (about 2-4 tablespoons) onto the baking sheet and spread around to create a thin layer of paint. When printing remember the less paint you use, the better quality print you will come out with.

• Encourage your child to choose which vehicle they would like to paint with. Ask open-ended questions about the vehicle they have chosen: What kind of vehicle is it? Who drives in it? What kind of wheels does it have? Does each of the wheels have a texture that you can see? Can you feel the texture? Do you want to paint with this car/truck?

• Invite your child to drive the vehicle through the paint then drive the vehicle around their paper. Feel free to make different shapes, zig zag and move in different directions
• Repeat the process with all your vehicles and overlap using different colors to create a vibrant layered vehicle print!

• After you are all done printing encourage your child to help with the clean up process. Allowing your child to be part of the whole process fosters your child’s self-esteem and competency in performing independent tasks. We always say “A part of play is learning to put your things away”.

• Don’t forget to have fun and as always it’s okay to get a little messy!

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