Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Andy Warhol!

This Friday, August 6 we are celebrating the Artist Andy Warhol’s Birthday in the Program Room. Warhol is a famous American Pop Artist well known for his reproduction of images with slight variations. He gave common everyday objects importance through his art. We will be encouraging the kids to create Warhol-inspired prints using a special gelatin printing method. We will use Knox unflavored gelatin to create a gelatin printing plate. The kids will stamp onto the printing plate then press a piece of paper against the plate to create a print.

Warhol’s Pop Art can relate to our young audience because he represents things that kids see every day. When Mom is cooking Campbell’s chicken noodle soup on a rainy day they may notice the colors, letters and shapes on the can or if Dad is cleaning using Brillo pads they may notice the bubbly lettering. Art then becomes anything we see around us on a daily basis. Encourage your child to view those everyday items as art. What around your house inspires you? What would you consider art?

Did you know that stamping is a form of printmaking? You may have already had your child participate in a form of printmaking without even knowing it. In addition to silk screening, Warhol used rubber stamps to repeat a pattern or symbol. His pop art took commercial images and reproduced them over and over again.

Have a Printmaking Party for Warhol’s Birthday:

• Collect all the stamps in your house and lay them out on a large table or other flat surface

• Look at all the stamps with your child- encourage them to choose their favorite ones and ask them to explain why they like them

• Use a child-safe stamp pad (we use Colorations®) to ink your stamps then stamp onto your paper. Repeat as many times as your child would like. Feel free to use the same stamp on the same sheet of paper and also try using different color stamp pads

• You can extend this activity by using markers/crayons to enhance the prints you have created!


  1. what is the name of the artwork with the four perspectives of the neon flowers ?

  2. The artwork with Four Perspectives of Neon Flowers is entitled Flowers, 1964


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