Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Building with Super Acrobats

The Program Room will be temporarily closed for some scheduled improvements and maintenance. Program Room Fun will resume on Saturday, September 18!

Here is a building tool that you will find featured in the Program Room throughout this month that I love to play with! They are called Super Acrobats!

Open-Ended Play:
Super Acrobats are an Open-Ended toy! Open-Ended toys come with no instruction manuals or rules; the kids choose how to play with them. Many of the kids who visit the Program Room like fitting the acrobats together in a long line. Others enjoy building them up high in a pyramid. Some will build a circle of acrobats. It’s all about the learning process and the play experience.

Open-Ended Questions:
What is an acrobat? Would you like to be an acrobat? In what place would you be most likely to find an acrobat performing (hint: the circus)? Have you ever been to the circus? What did you see there? What kinds of movements do you think an acrobat uses?

Super Acrobats are made by an Italy based company called Ludus Toys. To learn more about Ludus Toys and the Super Acrobats, visit here.


  1. My son loves this toy. We stumbled across this toy in a Japanese children's clothing shop. Do you know where it can be purchased in the USA? I often re-check the website in hopes they will sell it on-line, but I have no luck.

  2. Your best bet would be Discount School Supply:


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