Sunday, September 12, 2010

FUN UNDER CONSTRUCTION: Pinky Shares the Process

At Please Touch Museum, the process is key. The museum's Exhibits Team has been working hard to create a new exhibit feature called the Rocket Room. This weekend, I had a chance to sit down with our exhibits team to learn more about the exhibit fabrication process. Here are some sneak peek photos and my chat with the team:

Pinky: Why is this called the ROCKET ROOM?

Exhibits Team (ET): We call this space the Rocket Room because of the really, really big Rocket inside. The rocket is like a puzzle- each sheet of aluminum is a puzzle piece that when put all together makes a super flying machine! When the rocket is fully assembled, it will be a shiny silver color.

Pinky: My most important question is: what kinds of things will we be able to play with?

ET: Playing in the Rocket Room will be out of this world! Kids will be able to build their own rockets and use these pink and orange LAUNCHERS (photo on left) to send their creations into space.

There will also be an 18-foot steel sculpture called the RING TOWER. The launchers will point toward this Ring Tower and kids can attempt to shoot their rocket through the rings.

Pinky: That sounds like a lot of fun- I like building but I also really like pretending. Will I get to do any pretend play with my friends?

This exhibit offers many opportunities for pretend play. You can pretend to be a pilot, an astronaut, or even an engineer. If you like dress-up play, you will love the blue screen where kids can suit up like astronauts then pretend to walk in space or fly their very own rocketship through the solar system.

We are also very excited for kids to be able to play with our Busy Board where the "astronauts-in-training" can practice their flying skills. Each lever or button you see on this busy board will produce a different effect.

Before kids visit the Rocket Room, how can they create a pretend play experience at home?

ET: All you need is a little imagination! You can transform your couch into a rocket ship then pretend to launch into space. Kids can dress up in an outfit fit for an astronaut, make a hat out of tin foil, design their own paper airplane, or practice using their voices to produce rocket noises. There are no limits to the pretend play possibilities!

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