Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Keila Cordova Dances!

This weekend we are continuing our celebration of dance and movement! On Saturday and Sunday, our performance series “Dancing Days” will be showcasing Keila Cordova Dances.

An exciting addition to the performances at 12 pm and 2 pm will be an open rehearsal at 10:30 am on Saturday morning in Hamilton Hall. This is a great way to watch and listen to a group of dancers as they practice and get ready for their big show!


One of the aims of this group is to explore communication through movement of the body. Have you ever tried to express how you were feeling through the use of your body? Let your child choose the music that they would like to move to. Then ask them to act out their feeling through movement. Can you guess what they are communicating with their body? Then, switch roles! Dancing and moving with your young one is a great way to share an activity that is fun and also helps us communicate our feelings.

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