Friday, September 24, 2010

National Day of Play

Hey everyone! This Sunday, Please Touch Museum, along with loads of kids and their grown-ups across the country, will celebrate National Day of Play! Can you believe there's an entire day dedicated to getting kids outside to play and stay healthy?! The mission of Please Touch Museum is to enrich the lives of children by creating learning opportunities through play, making National Day of Play the perfect chance to explore healthy lifestyle choices and encourage learning through play.

You probably already know that keeping your body learning, growing and healthy is important, but did you know that you can do it through play?! National Day of Play is all about getting kids active but it's also about having fun! What are some things you can do to get outside and stay healthy this weekend? One way to stay active outside is to use your imagination. You can pretend you're a dinosaur, romping through the jungle! Or, maybe you're an astronaut, exploring the moon or even another planet!

For grown-ups, don’t forget to encourage curiosity by asking open-ended questions and engaging your kids in conversation. For example, what sort of everyday activities can you do to stay healthy?

Play the day away this Sunday and celebrate National Day of Play!

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