Monday, September 13, 2010

Take Home Activity: Quilt Mosaics

Starting today through Friday, September 17 the Program Room will be closed for some scheduled improvements and maintenance. In the meantime, here's a studio art experience you can try out at home! With a new school year, you may have some extra artwork hanging on your refrigerator or piling up on your desk. What is a grown up to do? RE-USE it! Invite your child to see their artwork in a whole new way with recycled Quilt Mosaics.

• Old Artwork
• Scissors
• Glue Sticks
• Construction Paper

• Help your child to cut up their old artwork into different shapes. Explain to them that by taking their old work and combining it together- they are creating a new super work of art. Hint: You can trace the shapes onto your paper then cut or use a more freehand approach.
• Explain to your child how quilts are made (piecing scraps together) and used (as bedding, a throw, clothing, etc.). Show the children an example of a real quilt (from the Quilt’s of Gee’s Bend). Invite them to use their scraps and glue to create a quilt on paper.
• Practice fitting the pieces you’ve created together, side by side or overlap them.
• Remember to keep the activity child-directed by allowing your little one to be the boss! Art time is a great time to exercise your child’s ability to make independent choices and decisions.

Discussion and Information:
• Since fabric had to be woven by hand (this took a very long time to do), every scrap was precious.
• People held quilting parties so they could exchange scraps and fabric pieces to in order to obtain unique scraps and different colors.
• Colonists made the pieces into a patchwork, laying the pieces in pretty designs before stitching the whole thing together. From Colonial Kids – An Activity Guide to Life in the New World by Laurie Carlson
• Quilting is also a good way to reuse something that might otherwise have been thrown away. Try talking about other objects that might be used to create art or something useful – from trash to treasure. Other examples: Scrap Paper, Straws, Floral Foam, Leaves

Quilt Mosaic fun will resume on Saturday, September 18th!

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