Tuesday, October 5, 2010

DesignPhiladelphia: Fashion Design & Storybook Time at Please Touch

Please Touch Museum is celebrating DesignPhiladelphia throughout the month of October in our Program Room with the Fashion Design & Storybook Time activity! Children are encouraged to dress up their favorite storybook characters in pre-made flat panel world cultural clothing including Scottish Kilts, Indian Saris, Japanese Kimonos, Ponchos of the Americas, Mud Cloths of Mali, and African Kente Cloths.

For example, kids may choose to dress up Madeline in an African Kente Cloth then read Madeline Says Merci with their grown-up. In addition, visitors may share their design ideas or concepts using our Fashion Design Log book.

Fashion Design for Kids

World cultures use different fabrics when creating clothing. The cloth used is also known as a textile. Textiles can be designed for one article of clothing, such as a dress or for all kinds of clothing. For example, the Scottish Kilt textile has a plaid pattern; this plaid pattern can also be seen in shorts.

Start a conversation about Textiles with your child: let's think about what lines, shapes, and colors you see on what you are wearing right now. Are the lines straight or curvy? Do you see circles, squares, triangles or flowers? Are the colors dark or bright? What textiles do you think are best for shirts, pants, skirts, shorts or dresses?

Take Home Activity: Design Your Own Textile


· Small Squares of Card Stock (about 4”x4”)- any size will work

· Colored Pencils (we use Crayola Color Sticks; they are colored pencils without the wood so there is no need to sharpen them and they are safe for tiny fingers to use)


· Brainstorm together to choose what lines, shapes and colors they would like to use to make their fabric sample.

· Invite them to draw whatever comes to mind- encourage them to use their unique design ideas (there is no wrong or right way to design a textile)

· Once they have created their textile square- start to think about what kind of clothing they would use this textile on. Would the heart textile they created make a great dress? Would the zebra stripes make a nice Winter scarf?

We hope you will design away with us during this exciting time as we celebrate DesignPhiladelphia!

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