Thursday, October 14, 2010

Halloween Fun: Pumpkin Plate Collage Activity

Hey everyone! Here is a fun Pumpkin Plate Collage activity that’s easy to do at home but most importantly fun for kids to make!


· Orange Paper Plate

· Black or Yellow Construction Paper (any color will work)

· Glue stick

· Scissors


· Invite your child to use the scissors to cut different shapes. If they are just learning to cut, feel free to help them along the way. Encourage independence by asking for their opinions: what shapes would they like to use? How do they think we could make that shape?

· Once they have cut the shapes they like- encourage them to use their glue stick to attach their black collage pieces onto their pumpkin. Discuss the different parts of the face. Where are their eyes, ears or teeth? Where will they place those facial features on their pumpkin? Will they give their pumpkin 3 eyes and 6 ears?

· Feel free to get a little kooky when creating your pumpkin. Having fun with your child and being a little bit silly is all part of the art experience!

· Once your pumpkin has dried, find a place in your house to display your child’s artwork. It can be placed on your front door, on your refrigerator or you can even let your child choose where they would like to see their new pumpkin pal displayed!

The Pumpkin Plate Collage activity will be offered in our Program Room during the Monster Mash at Please Touch Museum!

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