Friday, October 15, 2010

When I Was Your Age...

Please Touch Museum wanted to find out what their staff’s favorite things were when they were kids. I decided to ask around!

First I sat down with Courtney Ridley, Membership & Reservations Assistant at PTM.

Pinky: Good morning, Courtney! Tell me, what 3 words best describe what you were like as a 7 year old?

Courtney: Precocious, Dainty (I was very girly…), and Cheerful!

Pinky: You’re still very cheerful! So, Courtney, tell us…when you were a kid—what was your favorite book?

Courtney: Without a doubt, my favorite book was Santa Calls by William Joyce.

Pinky: Can you give our blog readers a little synopsis, or really what you loved best about this book?

Courtney: Well, it’s a story about a brother and a sister and their cousin on Christmas. They wake up one morning and find this flying machine in their backyard, which leads to a bunch of adventures involving Santa Clause—including the sister being kidnapped by the North Pole Witch, but rescued at the end by her brother! My favorite part was at the end, which I don’t want to tell in case anyone chooses to read the book…but it’s a very sweet ending!

Pinky: Speaking of Christmas, I know your birthday is in December…sort of near that time. What was the best birthday gift you ever received as a kid, Courtney?

Courtney: Kitty Surprise! They don’t make Kitty Surprise anymore, but it was a very popular toy. It was a stuffed animal cat with a belly they you could open with Velcro, and inside were 3, 4, or even 5 stuffed animal kittens! I was very sad though, because I actually lost one of my kittens, and I only had 3 to begin with!

Pinky: Sounds like a lot of fun. Speaking of which…rumor has it your favorite song when you were a kid…was “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”. Can you confirm this rumor?

Courtney: Oh yes, yes that was my favorite song. However, I was not aware that it was Cyndi Lauper who originated it—because the version I liked was on my Barbie cassette-tape.

Pinky: Ah yes, the extinct cassette-tape…way to show your age Courtney! Great song selection though, a definite slumber party classic. Courtney, this has been very informative. Thank you for your time! It sounds like you were a pretty cool kid.

Courtney: My pleasure, Pinky!

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