Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Funky Dance Fun with Cyndi!

You may have seen a fresh face dancing around at Please Touch Museum lately. Our new friend and museum intern Cyndi Strothers has been hard at work (and play) in our Community Programs, Outreach, and Partnerships Department and in the Education Department. Working with the Education Department, she has helped to develop and carry out dance programs on Mondays in Hamilton Hall. You can see some of the fun in these pictures!

I recently talked to Cyndi about her passion for dancing and here's what she had to say:

Pinky: When did you start dancing?

Cyndi: I began dancing when I was 3 – the first type of dance that I ever did was belly dancing with my Grandmother.

Pinky: Why do you like to dance?

Cyndi: Moving our bodies is a very important part of life. Dance gives me a chance to exercise daily, which helps me stay strong and healthy. Another reason dance is fun is because jumping and leaping freely to the music allows me to be happy and smile a lot. Also, people say that I look taller on stage!

Pinky: What is your favorite thing about doing dance programs at Please Touch Museum?

Cyndi: Dance programs give me a chance to interact with the children! Giving them different movements and introducing them to different types of sounds allows them to pretend to be any type of dancer they want to be.

Pinky: Do you have any tips for families to start dancing at home?

Cyndi: Pick a day of the week and make it your “dancing day”! Plan for at least 15 minutes for you and your child to move and groove together. Start by letting your little one put their favorite music on. You can teach them about stretching to get their bodies warmed up and ready to go. Don’t forget to reach for the sky and bend your knees for safe use of your body!

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