Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hide and Seek of the Week

Old McDonald had a farm, EE-I-EE-I-O. And on that farm he had a horse, EE-I-EE-I-O. This week’s collections object is a “Victory” Domestic Animal Spelling Puzzle produced by G.J. Hayter & Co., Ltd. Between 1920 and 1930. “Victory” puzzles were a popular brand of jigsaw puzzles made from the 1920’s until the 1980’s in Bournemouth, England. This particular puzzle features animals typically found on farms, like cows, horse, cats, etc.

Put on your looking eyes and see if you can find it during your next visit! And while you are looking high and low, don’t forget to encourage curiosity by asking open-ended questions and engaging your child in the conversation. For example: What sound does a horse make? What kinds of animals do you think live on a farm? Or simply sing a couple verses of “Old McDonald”.

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