Friday, December 3, 2010

The Gift of Giving Your Artwork

Introduce your child to sculpture while spreading holiday cheer. Instead of wrapping all your presents consider allowing your child to decorate the gift boxes this year!

Throughout December, in our Program Room we will be creating Gift of Giving Sculpture boxes. Kids are invited to transform gift boxes into works of art using simple and accessible materials. Here’s how to try it out at home:


· 1 Gift Box (can be any shape or size- we have been using 4”x4” cubes)

· Clear School Glue

· Tissue Paper

· Scissors

· Markers

· Pipe cleaners (optional)

How to PLAY:

· Give your child the gift box and encourage them to draw with markers, cut out shapes of tissue paper, or paste using the glue in order to decorate their sculpture.

o Tissue paper can be a delicate material and requires fine motor skills so be mindful that kids may need grown-up assistance at times. Remember that art time is a great time to allow your child to be the boss but it also allows you and your little one to spend quality time together and have fun!

· Start a conversation: Who will they give their box to? What will they put inside that box? Ask them why they think it's good to care for others? How will they care for others this holiday season? What is sculpture? Have you ever seen a sculpture? Tell me about that!

· Next time you visit Please Touch Museum, try to point out the sculptures you see and what you like about them- we have tons!

o Sculptures around the museum include: Statue of Liberty- Arm and Torch, Arti the Elephant, Alice, and the Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland- just to name a few!

For more information on all the holiday festive fun at Please Touch Museum, please visit our Online Calendar.

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