Friday, June 24, 2011

Rainforest Rhythm All Summer Long!

Hey Everybody!

I wanted to make sure that everyone knows about the super cool exhibit we've got up at Please Touch Museum right now, Rainforest Rhythm! You can beat conga drums, turn rain stick logs or climb into a canoe and pretend to head down river. There are all kinds of fun things to explore when you're making music in a rainforest. There's even a life-sized elephant that will hold the congas while you drum!

Music is such a fun way to play and express yourself. You can dance to a friend's cool beats or work together to create a full blown band! Don't forget to check out the Storybook Cottage where you can pretend to be Goldilocks (or in my case Pinkylocks) and try out the three bears' beds, chairs and porridge bowls!

How many instruments can you spot hidden in the tree in this picture? You can play all of them at Rainforest Rhythm!

Rainforest Rhythm is on display now until September 6, 2011.

We're all about learning through play.

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