Monday, July 11, 2011

Happy Summer: Sandy Seascapes

Happy Summer from your friend Pinky! Who doesn’t love summer, the beach AND sand?! Our Arts Coordinator, Nora gave me this great idea on how to bring the sand home from the beach without having to pull out the vacuum:

Sandy Seascapes:

• Piece of fine sand paper or white construction paper (any size- up to 9” x 11”)
• Oil Pastels or crayons

o Invite your child to create their own seascape by drawing on the paper with oil pastels or crayons. A seascape is a representation of a scene of the sea or a body of water (ocean, rivers, lakes or the beach). Encourage them to think about the different people and objects that they see on or near the water.

o Inspire their drawing process and the different means of representation by asking open-ended questions:
What is the best thing about summer? Who are your favorite people to spend the summer with? What kinds of things do you see in the summer? At the beach? Can you represent the beach using specific colors? Does yellow mixed with orange remind you of a sunny day in July or does blue mixed with green remind you of being by the ocean?

Find a great place in your house to display your child's artwork- in doing this you express appreciation that the work is being shared with you!
You're invited to Please Touch Museum's Elaine Wideman-Vaughn Program Room to create some artwork with us!

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